TRACKING the board majority's impact

What to do to get started

Here are just a few things to get you started, and keep you going as you help Jeffco Exodus connect with more and more Jeffco residents:

  • First, start an email distribution list for your community!  Go through your contacts and develop one!  Please get in touch w/a trusted teacher at your school who is willing to coordinate with and distribute information to teachers and staff in your school(s) - ask for that teacher's PERSONAL email, and ask them only to share information using others' personal emails. No district emails, please.

  • Help us build our network, one  for every school in Jeffco (neighborhood, charter, option), quickly.

  • Consider renting a table (just $10) at an upcoming school or community event, such as conferences, a concert, science fair, festival, etc.  Ask other parents to help you hand out key information during that event.  We can provide materials and instructions for renting a table.

  • Consider setting up a table or tent at your local Jeffco library and passing out key information.  If you're interested, we can provide materials and instructions.

  • Consider developing a phone tree in your community as another way to disseminate information and also involve more parents and teachers.

  • Research candidates running for office in November; you can make a difference with your votes!  Learn which candidates support the issues that matter to you - which candidates support public education, for example?  We have a list of candidates we are supporting and would be happy to share that with you at your request.

  • Attend Jeffco school board meetings in-person or via live feed!

What to do this week

  • Look for our weekly emails with updated information you can forward directly to your communications network.

  • Ask those in your network to forward the information you send on to their own networks. Remember, 70% of Jeffco voters do not have a connection to our schools. But what's happening in Jeffco affects us all. We need to make sure everyone is aware of the issues and understands why we have concerns.