TRACKING the board majority's impact

*  The record high of teachers leaving their jobs was set in 2004 with 763 teachers exiting.  This data pulled directly from CDE, covering a 15 year span for which data was available.

Read about the high cost of teacher turnover here.

*Administrative includes Deans, Principals, AP's, etc.  

Licensed denotes Teachers, Counselors, Instructional Coaches, Teacher Librarians, et. al.  ​

Classified includes Bus Drivers, Office Staff, Nurses, Food Service, Custodians, etc.
-JeffcoExodus has compiled the above data from numbers reported by the District on Board Docs.

But what about the numbers reported on the news?  The Colorado Department of Education's data paints a more dire picture with teacher departures of 467 prior to the Board Majority and rising to a near record high* of 710 for the most recent school year:


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Mass Exodus?  
Resignations over the past three years*:
While some are avoiding or choosing to leave, many more remain because JeffCo is NOT a failing school district.  Here are many stories of the longstanding JeffCo Excellence we are all fighting for.  If you have a story to share, please email us

Districtwide Accolades

These are the stories of Jeffco teachers, leaders and families who are leaving Jeffco or considering leaving due to the actions of this new Board Majority. We're just getting started, so check back frequently for more stories.   Share your story

Districtwide Concerns 
Due To a Lack of: