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If you'd like to represent your school in our community network, please click below. We hope to have at least two people at every Jeffco school who can quickly disseminate factual information we will share. Thank you!!


TRACKING the board majority's impact

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gathering facts, sharing stories


jeffco exodus is a community network focused on two primary activities:


  • Gathering and sharing factual information to raise awareness

  • Sharing teacher, staff and family stories of exodus from Jeffco due to the School Board Majority's actions

  • Sharing Jeffco Excellence - stories of teachers, staff and families making a difference in Jeffco, despite difficult times

We're hoping to have two or more volunteers in every Jeffco school - neighborhood, option and charter - to establish a communications network through which we can share factual information. Jeffco has a problem - the new School Board Majority. But not enough people in Jeffco understand the issues. We want to raise community awareness.

​We know these issues are affecting our school communities - so let's track it. We're gathering stories of teachers, staff and families who have left Jeffco, are planning to leave, or even decided not to move here after all because of the actions of the School Board Majority.  People didn't pay close attention when things first started to change in DougCo - then suddenly there was a mass exodus of teachers and other district employees, families started moving elsewhere, and DougCo's longtime reputation for strong schools began disintegrating. By then, it was too late. Jeffco Exodus will document those leaving and why they're leaving, or why some are considering leaving, so Jeffco residents have critical information before it's too late.

Meanwhile, Jeffco is an excellent district, and countless teachers, staff and families are committed to keeping it that way. We’ll celebrate that here, too.

Jeffco Exodus is run entirely by Jeffco parents and is in no way affiliated with any professional associations or other formal organizations.​